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At a private lesson , advise or consult it's about you! You are important!

What do you want to know about: Etiquette, manners, dress code, apply for a job, customer service, protocol , how to be a gentleman or Lady and more.

What is for you important?

Butler Laurens worked more than 30 years as a butler/valet/major domo/adviser for rich businessmen,Ambassadors and for The Dutch Royal Family.

He have help them and gave them advise about entertainment, offical meetings, royal weddings and more.

At the moment he is a teacher and adviser to CEO's and managers of national and international compagnies, hotels and restaurants.

What can Butler Laurens do for you?

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  • For outside The Netherlands:

  • € 5000,-

  • Ex. First Class

  • Travel and hotel expences

  • for the butler and his assistent