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Workshops etiquette and communication

At this workshop you learn the professional protocols what make's you a leader in the big businessworld. You learn everything about businessetiquette, communucation en personal skills.

The program give you more success by customers and employers, it give's you self confidence in doing business.

Butler Laurens give workshops and advise to many national and international businessmen, managers and staff of small and big compagnies. He learn them everything about: Business etiquette, tablemanners, dresscode and communication.

But he learn them also how to recieve clients on a high level, how to impress them so you can do business with everyone!

He teach also staff of restaurants/hotels/bars and more how to give service on a high level!

Butler Laurens helps you to do beter business!

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  • € 5000,-

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  • the butler and his assistent.