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Your guest speaker!

Your speaker is Butler Laurens

Choosing a guest speaker for your event is of vital importance because it makes or breaks the success of your conference.

Your keynote guest speaker will create value for you by increasing the buzz you’ll need when building your advertising campaign.

The entire tone surrounding your event is set by who you choose for your guest speaker. This speaker is your advocate and their reputation can boost yours -- or not. A quality speaker can impact your results even down at the ticket level.

Butler Laurens is the right speaker for your next event! He is funny, serieus and a real entertainer. Butler Laurens is a expert in etiquette en manners and can talk about it like no other!

He makes you think different about meeting people, how to dress, how to speak, how to behave on a dinner table and more.. he talks also about his live as a butler for many rich businessmen in America and Canada. But also for many ambassadors in Washington DC, London and The Hague. Above all as a Royal Butler for H.R.H. Princess Margriet and The Dutch Royal Family but very discreet!

Butler Laurens is coming to your event! Every where in the World!

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