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Butler Laurens Spanjersberg is a experience speaker and coach about the next subjects: Etiquette and manners, customer service, providing service at a high level, protocol and about his live as a high standing butler all over the world.

He inspired young and old to be better and easy dealing with everyone. Be successful to get the job you want or to do business all over the world.

The audience of Butler Laurens become active in his story and must do exercises so there going to to think and come to action.

The reading of Butler Laurens is very interesting but also very amusing because of his stories about his live as a high standing butler for many rich businessmen, Ambassadors and as a Butler/adviser of The Royal Family of The Netherlands.

You can hire Butler Laurens as a Guest Speaker anywhere in the world.

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  • Outside The Netherlands

  • €5000,-

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  • for the butler and his assistent.