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Royal reception for everyone!

Protocol training

As a liaison officer, you need to be aware of cross-cultural sensitivities, taboos and mannerisms, so as to respond and carry out your duties in a professional manner.

By the end of this programme, you will be able to: *Comprehend and practise principles of protocol and business etiquette, and be good minders to VIPs and overseas guests at events and functions. *Identify and demonstrate cross-cultural sensitivities and mannerisms towards guests *Extend appropriate courtesies in greeting, receiving, and sending off guests with correct formalities.

Your teacher is Butler Laurens Spanjersberg, he worked more than 30 years as a butler for many Ambassadors and rich businessmen in Canada, America, England and The Netherlands.

He has also worked for The Dutch Royal Family as butler/advisor.

He attend many high level meetings, Royal Weddings, State Diners and official receptions. Learn from the master and become the best liaision officer !

Butler Laurens comes to you, everywhere in the World!

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