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Personal attention!

Private advice and lessons

Europian Etiquette for Gentlemen and Ladies.

Butler Laurens offer Gentleman and Ladies the chance to understand what it is to look, feel and be a Europian gentleman or Lady as well as understanding how to be the best version of yourself.

His private lesson results in our client’s being stronger in character, living courteously and with integrity. He believes it does not matter how big your bank account is if you do not know how to act with refinement and style. If you understand Europian Etiquette comprehensively, you will have a notable confidence and be impressively different compared to your friends and colleagues.

Your teacher/coach is Butler Laurens, he is the expert and worked for many rich businessmen, ambassadors and The Dutch Royal Family. He comes to you, very discreet and is the leading pioneer of Europian Etiquette Tuition for all levels and requirement-globally.

Very personal!

Butler Laurens comes to you, everywhere in the World!

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