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Butler Laurens!

The etiquette expert and coach

Do you want to approach social situations with confidence and present a more polished version of yourself to the world?

Maybe you dream of never again finding yourself tongue-tied at a dinner party, wondering which fork to use first. Or perhaps you feel that your personal image needs an overhaul or that your body language lets you down.

Etiquette is about more than just saying “please” and “thank you” and holding your fork correctly. It is a fundamental part of treating people with respect, empathy and integrity. We only get one chance to make a first impression so it is important to get it right. Our etiquette courses will give you the skills and knowledge to sail through any social situation with ease, safe in the knowledge that you are being the very best version of yourself.

Learn the Europian etiquette!

Doing business at a high level! It takes only four hours!

Your teacher is Laurens Spanjersberg, he worked for 30 years as a butler voor many businesspeople and ambassadors all over the world. He worked also as a private butler/advisor of the Dutch Royal Family. Now he teach businessmen, managers, students all over the world the etiquette and proper manners. Butler Laurens comes to you! Everywhere in the World!

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